Hello merry christmas!!!

on monday it was father's day, we love our daddy's!!!

we miss teacher michael. he went back to england :-(

today is fun!!! computers are good.

thank you
I learn  about the time and we are very well.!!!!!!!!!!

singburi is very hot and cool!!!!!

We are sad that teacher Micheal is going back to England.

- Yoke Omsin,Cue,Ploy,Bonus




How are you?

School is very fun today! We have 6 new teachers. We have had Math and Thai tests - they were EASY!!!!!!!!

We are very happy!!!!

- Pratom 3
The students have returned to school after having almost 2 months off due to the flooding. The school has issued a new timetable to catch up with the teaching hours meaning that both the teachers and the students are working very hard at the moment.
I would like to welcome the new foreign teachers Bobby and Nick as well as the new thai co-teachers Kwan, Pook, Bor and Mei. Welcome to Anuban Singburi School MEP!
I will be starting the student blog with the Grade 3 students this week as part of my extra curricular classes. Keep checking back for more!

- Teacher Pete
This is Teacher Pete speaking on the behalf of the students. Expect blog entries to start from November 2011 and beyond. The school has no students at present due to the local flooding.